How Perris Hills Pharmacy protects their valued patients and friends from medication errors.

Every year more than 1.5 million Americans experience labeling errors, packaging issues with their medication and confusion in fulfillment over similar drug names. Our solution is the employment of automated dispensing / high efficiency medication packaging systems, ensuring the dispensation of the right drug in the right vial to the right patient every time.1

Accurate Medication Dispensing at Perris Hills Pharmacy

The benefit is two-fold, our patients get error-free medication dispensing and our experienced pharmacists get to dedicate more time and attention to you and your path to health.

Visit us and speak with a qualified staff member and see what Perris Hills Pharmacy can do for you.

1 Parata automation uses barcoding to verify a match between the inventory bottle NDC, unique to medication and strength, and the barcode on the dispensing cell. Parata automation selects the correct cell for dispensing 100 percent of the time, ensuring accurate drug and total dosage when proper processes are followed by the pharmacy.